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WWE will push Roman Reigns as their future star

After his split from the Shield, turned face and all the part-timers go on another long break after WrestleMania, Roman Reigns will nose-dive straight to the top of the WWE.

Two pin fall victories over CM Punk in consecutive weeks have certainly made the rest of the WWE locker room take notice. There aren’t many stars who are allowed a clean pin fall win over the ‘best in the world’, let alone two.

This shows that the Mr. McMahon really want to push him into the next main event player.

He really has everything that the WWE look for in their top guy. He is 6’3, 265 lb, he has the look, he is young, powerful and is talented in the ring. He can almost be compared to The Rock and Randy Orton when being the complete package. Not to mention that Reigns is part of the legendary Anoa’I family so wrestling is in his blood. The Wild Samoans, Rikishi, Yokozuna, Umaga, Samu and Rosey have all had success in the WWE but Reigns has the potential to be the most coveted Anoa’I member.

In spite of the current rumours of the Shield’s demise, at the moment they are still a unit. Before Roman Reigns becomes the star that we all know he is capable of, the Shield have to break up and it has to be good. This trio is the best stable in the WWE since, well since Evolution. Whether Rollins and Ambrose turn on Reigns, completing his inevitable face turn or whether the whole faction just implodes, it has to be spectacular. I hope the group lasts until WrestleMania, however their recent disputes would suggest otherwise.

Before the destruction of the Shield is complete, there is one feud which myself and other wrestling fans are dying to see. On the November 11 edition of Monday Night Raw, the UK crowd were teased with the collision of the company’s two best stables. This was short-lived and both groups turned on the common enemy, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. However, for the couple of minutes that they were at blows, it was great. For me, this match has to happen before the end of the Shield. And if it’s going to happen it has to be at WrestleMania, if not it the WWE have missed out on a big opportunity that could be special.

Roman Reigns going face-to-face with another big man, and fellow second generation star, Bray Wyatt will definitely be something that everybody wants to see. The fans would definitely favour the Shield in this battle but the most importantly, everyone would just want to see them batter the hell out of each other.

I‘ve thought this for a while, Reigns has a lot of similar characteristics as Batista and their paths are more than comparable. They both made their name in a faction, and were both the muscle of their respective group. In their stable they are/were known for standing in the background with little to say. Dean Ambrose is usually the spokesperson for the Shield and never hides how great he is. Triple H was always Evolution’s leader and kept his World Championship on more than one occasion thanks to the help of the Animal. At Survivor Series, Roman Reigns single-handily took care of the opposition and gave the Shield victory.

When Evolution finally exploded it was Batista who turned face and began his own path of destruction. It is inevitable that something similar will happen with Roman Reigns as he has all the ingredients to be a major success in the company. Without Evolution it is arguable whether Batista would have accomplished the things he did and the same can be said with Roman Reigns and his allegiance with the Shield.

With the imminent return of the animal, a one-on-one match between these two powerhouses would definitely be what’s best for business. With a 16 year age gap between the two and both men at the opposite ends of the careers despite the Animal attempting to rejuvenate his, it is almost like the passing of the torch, similar to Hogan and The Rock at WrestleMania X8.

There is no doubt that Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose both have a lot to offer to the company once the Shield disband. It wouldn’t completely surprise me if a WrestleMania main event involved two out of these three individuals in years to come. However Roman Reigns is the present and is the most prepared member of the Shield to go on a singles run and be and achieve new heights.

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