Royal Rumble Surprise Entrants: An Early Preview

rumbleEvery year the WWE brings us the Royal Rumble on PPV in January to kick start the Road to Wrestlemania and brings us a night of classic matches, a new number one contender, and of course Surprise entrants into the Royal Rumble. The surprise entrants always add fun, excitement, and nostalgia to the epic PPV match. So the big questions are who could possibly enter the 2014 Royal Rumble?

A better question is why I am writing about the Royal Rumble in October?

It was made official last week in Pittsburgh, PA when Raw visited the Consol Energy Center that the annual PPV extravaganza would enter the Steel City. Lucky for me and my Co-Host Josh, we were able to get tickets and will be sitting in the lower bowl. Since it worked so well last year, we all know the WWE will stick to the formula by bringing in multiple superstars to keep the fans guessing as to who will walk out of that curtain next. Here’s a list as to whom I think will stun the fans at this year’s event.


Carlito is a familiar face who was highly impactful when he debuted October 7th 2003 edition of Smackdown and beat the United States Champion John Cena in his first match on the main roster. Carlito dominated the WWE mid card for many years with few bright spots in high profile matches including Money in the Bank matches at Wrestlemania 24 and the Elimination Chamber match at the 2005 New Year’s Revolution.  Along with some high profile matches, Carlito was known for taking a bite out of an apple and spitting it into people faces who he didn’t think were “cool.” Unfortunately, Carlito voiced his opinion too much about backstage politics that really hindered him from going anywhere up in the card and eventually being let go in the WWE. With Carlito’s brother still hired in the WWE as one half of the Los Matadores and Vince McMahon having a soft spot for second chances, don’t be surprised if Carlito spits in the face of people who don’t like to be cool at the Rumble.

123 Kid

The 123 Kid, aka Sean Waltman, has had ties with the WWE for many many years most notably being a part of the Kliq during the mid to late 1990s. As the 123 Kid advanced in his career, there were many name changes including XPac (Degeneration X), Styxx (WCW), and Styxx-Pac (TNA). All of which have great history depending on what part of Waltman’s career you enjoyed the most. But none of it would have been possible if it wasn’t for the 123 Kid. Back in 2011, Chikara signed Waltman, billed as the 123 Kid and wrestled with the promotion for 2 years showing he can still wrestle in the ring despite past battles with drug addiction. The WWE would see Waltman becoming clean and this year has signed a Legends Program contract with the company.  Now we all know XPac is the most famous character of Sean Waltman’s catalog but the 123 Kid would be the most nostalgic heading into January.

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is probably the most probable of my list of surprise rumble entrants. The Royal Rumble is always known for building one of your top matches at that year’s Wrestlemania. This would be a great time to unleash the beast and see Lesnar dominate the Rumble match only for someone to cost him to be the number one contender. Could it be John Cena? Could it be The Rock? Undertaker? Punk/Lesnar II? The list could go on and on. What if the situation was flipped? Lesnar costs someone else the title shot. We know for sure Brock Lesnar will cause havoc at this year’s Wrestlemania but against who is the main question!

Ultimate Warrior

This may as well be my extreme outlier to the other three I have listed above. The Ultimate Warrior has been brought back into the WWE limelight after signing a deal with the WWE and 2KSports for the new WWE 2K14 video game. If you would have asked me this a year ago, I would have never believed you as it was known the Ultimate Warrior never really had anything good to say about the mega company and others thought he was a very crazy man. Well he may be very crazy still, but he has made a great business move. Why not make another?  The old generation of fans, like me, grew up loving and adoring Warrior now the new generation has been introduced to the Warrior. Now we do know the Ultimate Warrior is much older now, and won’t move as quickly but if that music hits in Pittsburgh on January, 26th 2014, prepare for the arena of rabid WWE fans to blow the roof off of the Consol Energy Center.

The list could go on and on with who from yesteryears and from the present could surprise the WWE Universe in January. One thing is for sure, the Rumble will catapult a great start for the Road to Wrestlemania XXX and I can’t wait to experience my first live.  Who do you think will surprise the WWE Universe in this year’s Royal Rumble?

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